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The Best Running Routine

The best running routine depends:
  • on where you are today with your running;
  • on where you want to be with your running;
  • on how far in the future your goal is;
  • on your aptitude (your ability to learn);
  • on your particular likes and dislikes when it comes to running;
  • on your particular likes and dislikes when it comes to cross-training;
  • on when you like to take days off;
  • on your access to various running environments (hills, treadmills, tracks, etc.
    ); and,
  • on the season and your local climate, if any of your training will be outdoors.
The best running routine can be obtained:
  • from a local running coach;
  • online in instructional videos;
  • online in blog posts;
  • online in articles;
  • in magazine articles;
  • in email subscriptions;
  • in ebooks;
  • in softcover and hardcover books;
  • in your own detailed training logs from previous training seasons as a runner;
  • in running clubs;
  • on DVDs by serious runners and professional trainers;
  • in speeches; and
  • in group training programs.
You will not necessarily obtain the best running routine for you in ALL of these ways, but you can certainly find your best running routine in at least one of these ways.
You simply have to be willing to try one or several routines to learn which one will best suit you.
So how can you find running routines? Method #1 - Ask a friend who has become a good or excellent runner:
  • What books, ebooks, articles, etc.
    , have you read to give you guidance about your running routine?
  • What blogs do you follow that talk about training routines for runners?
  • What events have you attended to help you to refine your running routine?
  • What DVDs and cinema movies have you seen that caused you to start using a particular routine or that caused you to decide to change your routine in one or more ways?
Method #2 - Ask some who speaks about running:
  • What do you recommend to your audiences when you are asked about the best routine to follow?
  • What do you tell the readers of your magazine or ezine articles?
  • What do you tell those people who read your blog posts?
  • What do you say about routines in the books that you have written?
Method #3 - Ask a faster, more-injury-free member of your group training program:
  • What do you take to heart in our group's recommended routine?
  • What do you ignore in our group's recommended routine?
You may never find THE BEST routine, but the possibilities are almost endless for finding routines that may work well for you.
Be creative, pretend that you are a detective or investigative reporter, pay attention to what you uncover, try various routines, and pay attention to your results!

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