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My Arthritic Knees and How I Keep Them Naturally Supple

Creak, creak, creak as I go up and down the stairs.
If your knees are like mine, then it's time to do something about that situation.
Pain and discomfort in my finger and elbow joints.
Does it ever end? Ever other month there is a different ache.
Trying to keep up with the exercises is difficult, because of my hectic lifestyle, not to mention being lazy or too lethargic to even start.
Common symptoms of arthritic knees are stiffness and pain in the joints.
Sometimes it can be accompanied by pain and swelling of the affected joint.
Most times if you do not keep the joint moving, after the pain and swelling goes away, the joint will remain fixed, making it difficult to bend or move it.
This makes the affected part look distorted.
That condition happened to one of my fingers.
It was mildly distorted but it can be severe if you don't do something about it.
I was not aware of what was happening, until I could not move the finger joint.
I though I hit my finger and it became swollen.
That was my first introduction to "old Arthur" (arthritis).
It was so painful I could not move it or touch it.
It can appear and disappear without warning.
Arthritis can occur wherever there is a joint in the body, which can include the back, neck, shoulders, elbow, fingers, hands, toes, feet, knees or hip.
These are the most common affected areas.
The most helpful thing is to walk or jog to keep your joints active.
A daily walk or exercise is best and excellent.
If you can't do it daily, you should at least strive to or make a goal to do some form of physical exercise two to three times a week.
You would be surprised at how this will help you.
Passive or localized exercise to the affected part is helpful.
Massaging also helps if you can stand for it to be touched.
It may be to tender due to the inflammation.
Sometimes supplements help, but you have to continuously take them on a regular basis in addition to the exercises for it to be effective.
I am not a fan of taking pills but I had to do something.
I lost weight and exercise regularly and that has helped me tremendously.
I do take natural supplements for supple joints, but to a minimum.
Try to keep a record of when the symptoms occur and how often.
This will help you to avoid the condition from becoming severe and keeping it to a mild stage.

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