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How to Change Money in Thailand

    • 1). Use ATM machines and your credit or bank issued debit card. Bank exchanges done through ATMs use the best daily exchange rate for the transaction giving you the best bank exchange rate. Check with your bank regarding any international currency exchange fees or international ATM fees for these transactions to avoid unwanted financial surprises.

    • 2). Go to hotel desks at tourist resort hotels to exchange currency. Many of the three or four star hotels that cater to foreign visitors offer competitive exchange rates for baht, dollar, euro and pound transactions.

    • 3). Deal with banks directly for currency exchange, or any of the licensed and certified currency exchange kiosks throughout the country. Most display updated daily exchange rates. A fee may be charged for the transactions.

    • 4). Use local exchange vendors in the rural communities and small villages. Negotiate the fee before handing over any currency, and be sure to watch them count out in front of you. Have the vendor place his currency down on a table and count it before handing the money over. Use caution, but do not be paranoid.

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