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When Are W-2s Sent Out?


    • Employers must file a W-2 for each employee that had income, social security or Medicare taxes withheld. This includes those employees who would have had taxes withheld if they had not claimed an exemption on Form W-4. You must also file a Form W-2 if you "pay remuneration for services performed by an employee, including non-cash payments," according to the Internal Revenue Service.

    Time Frame

    • The Internal Revenue Service requires all employers provide copies of the employee's W-2 forms by January 31. There are penalties for the employer if deadlines are missed.


    • Employers may file an extension with the Internal Revenue Service if they cannot meet the January 31 deadline.


    • If an employer discovers a mistake in the original W-2, the employer is required to file a W-3c with the Social Security Administration and send you a W-2c.

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