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Tips On Pickerel Bay Cabins

If you really like sport fishing for pickerel, a adventure to Saskatchewan may be in order. A stay at Pickerel Bay Cabins, can offer you a good opportunity at many species of fish including trophy-sized Walleye and Lake Trout. It does not matter even if you are a beginning angler or you are someone who has been fishing for years; a adventure to this beautiful lake is bound to send you home with some great fishing recollections and a story or two as well.

Pickerel Bay Cabins is centrally located about forty miles northeast of the town of LaRonge. You can choose to access the camp via float plane or boat and this service is included in the cost of your stay. The town can also be accessed by driving from the camp as well. Although you can access the town you may not feel the need to, as Pickerel Bay Cabins is a full service outfitter.

When staying at Pickerel Bay Cabins you can select a plan that includes your own log cabin, a boat and motor (a 16ft deep vee boat and motor are standard) and unlimited fuel. In order to make your fishing expedition safer and to make it possible for you to be on the water as much as you want during your stay we also offer you free personal flotation devices, free nets and unlimited fuel. This final feature is something that not all fishing camps will provide to you.

Apart from the gear that the camp can supply you with it is also possible to have Pickerel Bay handle and process the fish that you bring in. You can take edge of our services and have your fish cleaned, filleted and frozen. Trophy fish can also be prepared for you as well so that you can show your catch to others when you return home.

The service does not end there. There are two meal plans available. Meals are served three times daily in the main lodge but for those who want a little more privacy it is possible to consider advantage of the light housekeeping plan. Creating your own meals is easy as each cabin has a small kitchen location complete with utensils. We also offer a tackle shop that offers fishing gear such as lures although beginners can be supplied with gear at no extra charge.
Pickerel Bay is happy to offer guests with guided and non-guided tours although there is a fee for guided tours. It is also possible for our guests to fish on our pristine hike-in lakes as well.

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