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Minnesota Tight End Maxx Williams Among Green Bay Targets at No. 30

As part of’s ongoing coverage of the Green Bay Packers leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft, we have a question-and-answer session with Mickey Frigge, founder of NFL Draft War Room.

Question: What do you see as the Packers two or three biggest needs and why?

Note: These needs are my opinion and not what the Packers may think.

Inside linebacker: The Packers have complete unknowns next to Sam Barrington.

Even if they do have someone else that is adequate, it is unlikely that he would be a good starter.

Tight end: Richard Rodgers is adequate but is such a poor blocker that he cannot be put on the field much. Plus, he lacks the speed to consistently stretch the seam. He does have very good hands, though, so if he could improve his blocking then he could at least be an adequate starter. The Packers seem to like him more than I do, so it is possible that they don’t view tight end as big of a need as I do. 

Question: Do you anticipate the Packers hanging onto their pick at No. 30 or perhaps dropping down into early second round, and why?

I think the Packers will end up picking at No. 30. I have a feeling a guy such as (Minnesota tight end) Maxx Williams will fall to them or some other highly rated talent. Their desire to trade back though will be contingent on whether they have a high regard for the player. 

Question: Do you expect the Packers to draft a developmental quarterback at some point, and if so, who are the guys you think they have in mind and where/which round do you think they might grab one?

The Packers are rumored to not be bringing Matt Flynn back, so I’m sure they will at least bring another quarterback to camp. However, I doubt that quarterback will be someone that they draft.

The Packers typically have gone with two quarterbacks in the past, and I think they will do so this year as well. Another reason I think this is because the Packers typically select average-size, pro- style quarterbacks, and there really are not many available in this draft class.

Miami of Ohio’s Andrew Hendrix is a guy they may consider late. I really like him. His arm strength is as good as almost any quarterback in the NFL. Also, he has shown the ability to show adequate to good accuracy. His completion percentage is terrible, but that is mostly due to a poor supporting cast.

Personally, I would take Hendrix as high as the fourth round, but I doubt he goes higher than the sixth.

Question: Green Bay probably will get a couple of lower-round compensatory picks, which gives Ted Thompson more flexibility and options. Do you see him being active by moving up/down this year or will he sit at his picks and take best guy available?

I’m sure Thompson will make at least a few trades as he usually does. I think it is usually a good idea to obtain more picks to increase the chances of hitting on someone.

Plus, as my rankings suggest, there are often guys that are highly regarded by many that are overrated, as well as some guys that can really play that are underrated. 

Question: Who are a couple of your dark horse players or maybe guys from smaller schools who Green Bay might have its eyes on?

A guy I think the Packers could have their eyes on is Harvard outside linebacker/defensive end Zack Hodges. He has as much upside as almost any player in this draft. He is freakishly athletic and has a great motor. He does need to add more power at the point of attack to hold up better in run support though. He told me the Packers have only talked to him a little bit, but Thompson likes to hold his cards close to his vest.

Ryan Delaire (of Towson State) is another guy that I could see them liking. He is not as refined as Hodges but has some major upside. Either player would be an ideal future replacement for (Julius) Peppers.

There are a ton of small school guys that I like a lot, but I don’t know if the Packers necessarily would like them. You always can look at my rankings, though, for small school guys with grades about 5.00  if you want to know who I “like."

Here is Frigge's mock draft choices for the Packers in all seven rounds (*likely compensatory picks):

1st Maxx Williams/TE/Minnesota

2nd Eric Kendricks/ILB/UCLA

3rd Donovan Smith/OT/Penn State

4th Zack Hodges/OLB/Harvard

5th Robert Myers/OG/Tennessee State

6th Cam Thomas/CB/Western Kentucky

6th* Titus Davis/WR/Central Michigan

6th* Louis Trinca-Pasat/DE/Iowa

7th Craig Mager/CB/Texas State

Note that the positions I used for the players may not be the ones they played in college, but the positions I project they will play for the Packers.


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