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DIY Asphalt Patch

    Preparing the Hole

    • Before applying any asphalt patch, make sure to clean out the hole. Dig away any jagged edges so that you have edges as smooth as possible. You can do this using a stiff brush and a hose. Alternatively you can use a shop vac to clean out the hole. If the hole is deep you should fill it with gravel, leaving four inches from the top empty. Make sure to pack down the gravel as well as possible to avoid settling once the patch is in place.

    Patching the Hole

    • Hot patching, using hot asphalt patch to fill a hole, used to be the standard, but with modern advances it is best if you buy a cold match. Cold patches come as a fluid in a can. Before applying the patch, stir the contents of the can so that it is mixed properly. Also, it is best if you prime the hole with an emulsified asphalt liquid. Priming the hole makes the patch stronger. Once the primer is dry, pour your cold patch into the hole patting it down with a shovel to make sure it is settling properly and that there are no air bubbles. The patch should be applied in 2-inch layers, patting down each one until the hole is filled.

    Finishing the Patch

    • As the patch firms up, you will need to apply more pressure to it so that it sits properly. The best way to do this is to run your car's tire over the patch. If the patch sinks a bit fill it with more cold patch. Do this until the patch is even with the rest of the driveway. Allow the patch to sit for 24 to 36 hours so that it dries properly.

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