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Cincinnati Home Improvement and Remodeling

With the tumble in housing prices in Cincinnati and other big cities many homeowners are choosing to remodel their homes rather than buy new ones. They cannot get good prices for their homes, if they can sell them at all, so they are remodeling their current homes to modernize them and make them more comfortable. In Cincinnati home improvement can be an excellent option.

In many homes the basement is the last room to be finished. Finishing a basement expands the square footage of a home and provides extra living space. Homeowners use finished basements for bedrooms, offices, storage rooms, or family recreation rooms. Depending on the configuration they may even turn their basements into separate apartments that they can rent out for extra income.

A full service basement remodeling contractor will handle all aspects of the job. From designing the space to waterproofing the walls, a contractor makes it easy for the homeowner. Most projects require plumbing and electrical work as well as flooring. Walls may need to be built or moved; they will likely need painting or other finishing. Structural repairs and support may also be needed. Energy-efficient doors and windows save money and make the space more comfortable for everyone. The basement may need to be waterproofed to keep out dampness.

Options for basement remodeling include built-in home stereo systems, cabinets, closets, bars, and seating. More and more homeowners are opting for soundproofing and recessed lighting for their basements.

In terms of flooring, it's important to select flooring that is suitable to the basement. Homeowners must also consider how much traffic the area gets. The maintenance required for upkeep of the floor is another important consideration when deciding on flooring; some are harder to maintain than others. Flooring tile may be natural or handcrafted stone, ceramic, or vinyl. Hardwood flooring comes in many different types. Cork, bamboo, and laminate are other choices. Carpeting can bring a warm and cozy feel to a basement area.

If the finished basement includes a laundry room, a kitchen, a bathroom, outdoor water spigots, or a wet bar, plumbing will be an important part of the renovations. Contractors may need to replace old or corroded pipes and install new pipe systems. If the homeowner wants a water filtration system, installing it during renovations is a cost effective choice.

Homeowners in Cincinnati can choose from a number of home improvement contractors. Deciding which one to use is an important decision. Homeowners should ask for names of customers for whom the contractors did similar work; they should call the customers and ask questions about the contractors. Homeowners should ask if the contractors completed the work on time and within budget. They should ask about the quality of the work and whether or not the homeowners were fully satisfied.

Cincinnati home improvement contractors have great ideas and skills to offer homeowners who are looking to finish or renovate their basements or other parts of their homes. Remodeling is a great way for homeowners to feel like they are in a new house without having to actually move.

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