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Online Touch Typing Tutorial

    • 1). Open your Internet browser and type this address: Click "Enter." Find the four navigation icons at the top of the Web page.

    • 2). Click the icon with the letter "I." It has the label "Instruction" under the icon. A new screen will appear, telling the student how the touch-tying program is used. The instructions show the correct method for reading the keyboard chart and the correct finger positions for touch-typing.

    • 3). Find the keyboard icon labeled "Typing Tutorials," and click on it. On this screen there are 15 different levels of typing lessons that introduce you to basic keys practices. Click a lesson number, then click "Start." A row of letters will appear at the top of the screen; practice typing those letters. Click "Exit" when you want to leave the lesson. Look on the right side of the screen at the end of each practice session to see how you did. The results are listed for WPM (words per minute), time, typed correctly, and typed incorrectly.

    • 4). Locate the icon with the number keypad with the label "Keypad Tutorials" under it. Click the icon with the hand on the keypad. This starts the lesson on how to use the keypad. Click "Exit" when you want to leave the lesson.

    • 5). Move the cursor to the icon with the dice labeled "Typing Games," and click it. There are several fun practice games that help increase typing skills in this section. Choose the game you want and play it. Click "Exit" when you want to leave the lesson.

    • 6). Click on the icon with the stopwatch labeled "Test." Click the blue arrow to start a timed typing speed test. You will have 40 seconds to type what is on the screen. When time is up, the results will pop up showing how well you did. If you want more practice, click "Restart," or if you are done, click "Exit."

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