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Change Your Eye Color

Nowadays you can change the color of your eyes and it's as easy as changing clothes! You can start the day with one color and change to another later on.
Colored contact lenses are perfect if you just want to enhance the natural color of your eye but you can also change your eye color completely.
Lately, the market for colored lenses has exploded.
Prices are low and buying from the Internet is easy.
You can wear colored contact lenses even if you don't need any correction.
There are monthly disposable, weekly disposable and daily disposable color contact lenses, though monthly disposables are the most common.
Many of these lenses have UVA and UVB protection.
It's important to consult an optician before you decide to switch to colored contact lenses.
You need to try out what lens material and color work for you.
Colored contact lenses come in three categories: Opaque, tinted and enhancers.
Opaque contact lenses: These have a non-transparent color which makes it possible for people with dark eye-color to use them.
They can change the color of the eye completely - dark brown eyes can become blue.
Opaque lenses have a transparent circle in the middle, otherwise you wouldn't see a thing.
All people can wear opaque contact lenses.
Tinted contact lenses: You can wear these if the natural color of your eyes is light blue, light green, grey or light brown and you just want a tinted effect.
You can also get a glitter effect if you want.
Don't trust the pictures you see on the Internet or in catalogues too much.
You might get disappointed.
The color you get depends your natural eye color.
No effect can be guaranteed since the color will differ from person to person.
Enhancers: These increase bright eye color.
They don't change the color of the eyes.
Some of the colored contact lenses have a ring around the iris which results a more intense impression.
It might give you that popular Mary-Kate Olsen effect! Check out my site for more beauty tips and inspiration to drastically changing the way you look!

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