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What Are Parabens Doing in Your Skincare Products?

We've all been hearing the P word lately and everyone is suddenly asking what are parabens? They are a preservative used in cosmetics to keep them from going stale.
You may be surprised to learn that all those body and face care products crowding the shelves of pharmacies, department stores and cosmetics boutiques would have to be thrown out without this chemical.
They would have a very short expiration date.
Companies would lose a lot of money and would surely be out of business in no time at all.
So if you've been asking what are parabens for, they're to keep products from spoiling for as long as possible.
When you realize that chemicals have been added to skincare products you have every right to ask yourself what are parabens doing to my health? After all, the word is that they're similar to estrogen and there's been plenty of controversy about that.
When doctors become reluctant to prescribe the estrogen so many women crave, I find it unappetizing to put a similar product on my skin.
When I read that I could be allowing a cancer causing chemical to seep through my skin I get completely turned off to it.
Honestly, I don't want it anywhere near me.
Yet ask the FDA what are parabens doing in your cosmetics they tell you that at this point there's no need for concern.
They're keeping an eye on the situation, they say.
And should it turn out that too many people are developing cancer from such chemicals they will let you know.
Can you believe it? The FDA is taking a wait and see attitude while we the people are being continuously exposed to a possible killer.
We'd better pray they make up their minds in time to save us.
As usual, the buck stops with you.
You can call the FDA, you can call your doctor, you can read medical journals.
Some will say definitively that there's no problem and others will say you could get cancer.
I know a woman whose doctor feels she got breast cancer from her deodorant.
And what are parabens doing in deodorant? The same thing they are doing in most of the skin products you are using.
Keeping it from rotting.
Giving it the longest shelf life possible.
Keeping it good enough to get you to buy it without complaining for months and months to come.
Another friend even found the P chemical in her underarm bleaching lotion.
Imagine applying it right by her precious, delicate, important lymph nodes.
That sounds much too close for comfort.
It's so much more appetizing to find a company with a conscience, one who isn't into taking the cheap, dangerous way out.
There are still such companies, though few and far between, who really care about producing superior, healthy products.
They refuse to contaminate their anti-aging creams and lotions with cheap chemicals.
These days I am as chemical free as possible and yet my skin looks better than ever.
Please visit my website to become more enlightened.
Thank goodness we have options.

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