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Thermal Paper Sets the Standard in the Point-of-sale Paper Industry

In the Point-of-Sale industry, the importance of paper products that offer consistent print performance cannot be underestimated. And while at first glance it may not seem so, those who have experienced sub-par paper performance know that all paper products are not created equal. As the internet's premier resource for point-of-sale supplies, paper products, and accessories, has upped the ante and set an industry standard with its line of thermal paper rolls. With a vast inventory that also includes ATM paper, credit card supplies, sales slip imprinters, printer ribbons, and much more, has seen its premium grade thermal paper rolls become the number one product in-stock due to its consistently outstanding performance.'s line of premium grade thermal paper rolls includes 1-ply bond paper rolls, 2-ply carbonless, 3-ply paper rolls, and ATM paper rolls. Thermal paper rolls differentiate themselves from other paper products by virtue of the fact that they extend print head life while offering an image quality second to none. Specialty thermal rolls such as 2-color, pre-printed rolls with logos or return policies and even colored thermal paper are also available. And with such a consistently high level of performance, it's small wonder that thermal has become the go-to paper in the hospitality, banking, gas station, credit card processing, and medical industries.

How does thermal paper go about establishing its amazing performance? Thermal paper is treated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. Most thermal papers are also treated with a protective top coating that serves several purposes. Among the benefits this top coating provides is that it reduces fading of the thermal image, resulting in optimum print quality. As for thermal's effect on print heads, you can expect to see improved print wear, the reduction and elimination of thermal coasting residue on thermal print heads, and more. All of which may sound like a foreign language unless you're some sort of print head enthusiast. Until you see the end result, that is, and the difference becomes crystal clear.

If it's true that all papers are not created equal, then it makes sense to find the paper that sits at the top of the industry's food chain. In the point-of-sale industry that paper is undoubtedly thermal. Discover for yourself the difference thermal paper rolls make in point-of-sale situations, and why they've ascended to the position of the number one selling product on the internet's premier point-of-sale paper source.

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