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Home Closet Ideas


    • Good closet organization starts with the right containers. Don't just rely on hangers and shoeboxes to hold your things. If you can fit one in, consider a small bureau or set of shelves for your closet. These help hold bags, boots, and baskets of smaller items such as hair ties or cuff links. Label each box with the item it contains -- better yet, purchase clear plastic bins that allow you to easily see the items without opening the container.


    • Decide how your closet will be organized before you begin arranging items. There are many different methods you can use -- for instance, you can place tops on hangers that are higher up, with skirts and pants on a second, lower set of hangers. You can color coordinate items, right down the socks. You can place clothing for different seasons in different closet sections, or rotate them out, if space does not permit them to occupy the closet all at once. You can also use a combination of all these methods.

    Make it Fun

    • If organizing your closet is an idea that you dread, make it more fun. Purchase colorful bins and boxes that will make you smile whenever you see them. Give your closet a harmonious look by using the same type of hangers for similar items. If you're feeling especially motivated, give the inside of your closet a fresh coat of paint, and put a few pictures in it. Think of your closet like any other room of your house and decorate accordingly.

    Movable Closets

    • No one said that closets had to stay in one place. While the ones built into your bedroom aren't going anywhere, mobile closets (enclosed racks in which to store items) are a fresh and innovative approach. Use them to house seasonal clothing instead of squashing items under the bed, or forgetting about them in a musty attic. They are perfect for protecting expensive items such as formalwear and designer shoes.

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