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Resistance Band Triceps Exercises: A Great Alternative If You Want To Get Bigger Arms

Have you ever tried resistance band triceps exercises instead of performing them with weights? If you have not tried them this is something I urge you to do if you are serious about getting bigger arms.
It is very common to see guys and girls work on their arms doing a variety of exercises with dumbbells, barbells and machines but rarely using elastic bands.
Believe it or not, resistance bands are just as effective in muscular development and are a great complement or alternative.
Although you would expect athletes to work strictly with weights it is more and more common to see resistance bands being used in their workouts.
One athlete who uses resistance bands in nearly all of his workouts is Terrell Owens.
If that catches your attention you are not alone.
These bands come in various resistance levels and are color-coded depending on how much resistance you want.
So if you are wondering how you could implement elastic bands in triceps exercises it is very simple.
  • Overhead Triceps extensions: Simply step on the elastic band with one or two feet and with one handle in each hand proceed to extend the band over your head in a slow and controlled motion.
  • Triceps Pushdown: Tie the band around a pole or tree or anything that will allow tying the band and stepping back enough so the resistance increases to a moderate level.
    With one handle in each hand pushdown the tubing going from a 90-degree angle formed by your forearms to a nearly extended arm.
    Repeat the motion.
You can do an all resistance band workout or use these exercises to begin your workout or at the end for an extra pump.
Always try to keep your muscles guessing by trying different workouts.
It will also help you overcome any plateaus and help you see muscle gains.

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