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How to Repair a Leak on a Jetted Tub Intake Valve

    • 1). Turn off the water main water supply valve. The main water supply is usually located outside the house.

    • 2). Remove the trap cover to get access to the intake valve. The cover and type varies according to your setup, and most are opened by force. The intake valve can be quite far underneath the tub and will require you to squeeze into a tight space.

    • 3). Remove the intake valve. Use the wrench to remove it if the intake valve is a threaded valve. If it is glued on, cut the intake valve off with the PVC cable saw. Loop the cable around the pipe and move the cable back and forth until it cuts through the pipe.

    • 4). Prepare the intake valve. If the intake valve was threaded you can reuse it, just apply a thin layer of pipe thread compound to the threads. If the valve was glued on, then you must use the new PVC intake valve. Apply PVC primer on the area where you will insert the pipe of the new intake valve. Use the brush that comes with the PVC primer to apply a thin coat of primer onto the new PVC valve.

    • 5). Install the intake valve. If you have a threaded intake valve, use the wrench to secure the intake valve in place. If you must glue on a valve, apply a layer of PVC solvent cement to both the pipe and the intake valve. Quickly push the intake valve into the pipes. Hold the pipes against the intake valve for 30 seconds until the cement dries.

    • 6). Test the valve for leaks. Turn the main water supply valve back on. If you installed a threaded valve and it leaks; keep tightening it with the wrench until the leak stops. If the PVC valve was glued on and is leaking you must reinstall a new one.

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