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Time For Congress to Grow Up

In this halcyon era of change and new beginnings, it is time for the United States Congress to start acting its age.
Anyone who is unaware of the economic disaster we are facing should not be allowed to serve.
There is plenty of shame and blame to make every congressman and senator want to hide their collective heads.
But now is not the time for that.
Instead, each and every elected member of these august bodies, should be thinking of nothing more than how to stimulate the economy, not just for the short term but so that this kind of disaster can never happen again.
It should be painfully obvious to this Grand Benevolent Society for Self Agrandmizement, Congress to get the message sent so clearly by the most recent elections, that we are a government "of the people, for the people" now is the time for all good congressmen and senators to remember who they are working for.
"We the People.
" If any one of the members of congress has an agenda other than to make this country a better place for our children, which includes a clean and safe environment, they should resign now and make way for members who will hold these goals above personal goals.
The populace has spoken! It is now or never for congress to listen to the collective voice of the people.
Please let your Congressional representatives know that you want them to growup.
Go on line and send them the message.
Thank you for taking the time to let congress know how you feel.

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