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Natural Thyroid Balancing Therapies For Optimal Wellness

The thyroid gland, located in our neck, is a vital gland for regulating a variety of body functions.
It is our natural thermostat and it also affects the activity of other glands.
Thyroid imbalances are linked to mood disturbances, since thyroid hormones influence the nervous system and brain chemistry, including the regulation of serotonin and melatonin levels.
Most common are conditions of an underactive thyroid gland, which is called hypothyroidism.
Overactive thyroid glands are associated with hyperthyroidism.
The thyroid gland is sensitive to mineral imbalances and vitamin deficiencies.
Lack of iodine has long been associated with hypothyroidism.
In modern times iodine has been added to salt, yet thyroid underfunctioning is still quite common.
A goiter is a swelling and enlargement of the thyroid, as the gland seeks to expand in an attempt to compensate for the lack of hormones that has arisen.
In addition to iodine, selenium is an important mineral for the thyroid gland.
Those with hypothyroidism usually benefit from increasing natural selenium and iodine intake.
Sufficient amounts of B vitamins and amino acids are also needed to effectively metabolize these elements and to produce and regulate thyroid hormones.
Iodine is in the same family of elements as fluorine and chlorine, and its absorption is interfered with by the presence of those elements.
Chlorine and fluorine compounds are added to water and to some medications, so those with underactive thyroid glands would be wise to eliminate exposure to chlorine and fluorine - which means avoiding tap water, swimming pools, toothpastes, and other products that expose them to unnaturally high levels of those elements.
Psychospiritual and energetic factors also influence thyroid functioning.
In holistic medicine we consider the subtle energy system, which includes the meridians and chakras that govern energy distribution.
The thyroid gland is located at the throat chakra, the center for communication and self-expression.
Problems with communication and self-expression interfere with energy flow at the throat chakra and affect the thyroid gland.
Energy therapies that help clear blocks in that chakra will help normalize thyroid functioning and may also reduce soar throats and throat infections.
Reiki and acupuncture are examples of therapies that help restore energy flow to the throat area and support thyroid health.
Psychological therapies that help one build self-confidence and healthy self-expression will also be beneficial for addressing thyroid issues.
This includes hypnosis and energy psychology techniques.
Our thyroid is a very important endocrine gland and we can each apply what is known about this gland and the factors that influence it as we take steps to maintain healthy thyroid function or fully heal thyroid illnesses.

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