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Kid's Picture Ideas for Christmas Cards

    Art Cards

    • Turn kids' drawings into one-of-a-kind Christmas cards for special family and friends, suggests Better Homes & Gardens. Save drawings done at school and home throughout the fall, and cut or trim them to fit on a card of folded construction paper. Back the drawing with a contrasting color of construction paper to make a border, and use hole punches, ribbons, rubber stamps and additional decorations to give the card a Christmas look.

    Photo Borders

    • Save old Christmas cards, or pick up dollar-store cards if you don't have enough. Choose ones with decorative Christmas borders, and carefully cut out the centerpieces, leaving just the card borders, according to an idea from Better Homes & Gardens. Glue a photo of your kids inside the border and back it with white or construction paper on the inside.

    Playful Poses

    • lists many ideas for unusual Christmas card photos, including having kids and family members pose in humorous photos. They might be eating Santa's cookies and milk, unwrapping a new pet or baby from a large gift-wrapped box, or holding up separate letters of a Christmas word or phrase. You can even turn a bad picture of kids crying or sulking at a photo session into a cute card by adding the words "You better not cry, you better not pout," to the card using photo editing software.

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