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How to Fix My Toshiba Laptop's Sound

    • 1). Click "Start," then select "All Programs." Click "Accessories," then "Run." Type "mmsys.cpl" into the dialogue box and click "OK" to open the Sound Properties.

    • 2). Select the "Playback" tab, then click "Properties." On the Speaker Properties window, select the "General" tab.

    • 3). Click the drop-down next to "Device usage" and confirm that "Use this device (enable)" is selected.

    • 4). Click the "Levels" tab and confirm that the "HD Audio output" is not set to zero. Drag the bar over to the right until the volume is at least "20."

    • 5). Click the "Advanced" tab. Confirm that "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is unchecked.

    • 6). Click "Apply." Click the "Test" button in "Default Format." If an error occurs, select a sample rate of lesser quality from the drop-down menu, and continue to click "Test" until audio plays back without error.

    • 7). Click "OK" to save your settings. Click "OK" again to to close Sound Properties.

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