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How to Use the Pioneer CDX-FM687 Six-Disc CD Changer

    • 1). Power the remote control and the changer before beginning use. Insert batteries into the remote control by first flipping it over onto its face. Use a sharp object (such as the point of a pen) to slide the battery tray out and insert a lithium battery (three-volt CR2025) into the battery chamber. Make sure the polar indicators are positioned correctly. Plug the changer into a wall outlet.

    • 2). Load discs into the disc magazine. First, slide out a disc tray. Hold down the magazine lock button (on the left corner of the magazine) and pull the tray from the magazine. Place a disc into the tray with the label facing up. Line up the tray with the left and right grooves inside the disc magazine. Push the tray in until you hear a click. Repeat the disc loading instructions for each tray until they're full.

    • 3). Insert the loaded magazine into the unit. First, slide open the disc magazine door on the changer until it clicks. Insert the magazine with the printed arrow facing up, exposed disc trays first, until the magazine snaps into place. Close the magazine door.

    • 4). Play a CD by first turning on the device. Push the "Power" button on the remote control (at the upper-left corner) or on the device (at the upper-left corner). The player will automatically begin to play. The display will show which disc tray is activated, which song number is playing and the time of the song.

    • 5). Press the "+" or "-" buttons either on the remote (at the bottom and top of the four-way navigation buttons) or on the changer (second set of buttons from the right) to navigate through the disc trays.

    • 6). Press the "Left" and "Right" seek buttons on either the remote control (at the right and left sides of the four-way navigation buttons) or the charger (the set of buttons at the right) to navigate through the track numbers of the currently playing disc. Hold the "Left" seek button to go backward through the currently playing song. Hold down the "Right" seek button to go forward through the currently playing song.

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