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Building Sincere Love

Love cannot be static in marriage it will either be growing or decreasing why because the natural tendency of a car is to go off the road, while the natural tendency of a garden is towards a forest and while natural tendency of a new baby is death.
So to avoid the extinction of love in your marriage you must be committed to the growth of your marriage.
Here lies what you must be committed to, if you really desire to experience the growth of sincere love in your marriage 1.
Acceptance: Accept your spouse totally, and let him/her know you do, stop complaining, stop comparing your spouse with others.
Spend adequate time together: Time is one of the greatest things you can invest into your marriage, do not allow modern day's busyness sniff life out of your marriage.
Spend adequate time together, talking, praying, playing, fellow shipping and connecting.
Study the word together: As you stay together, find time to feast on the word of God, reading and studying the word of God together will create a new atmosphere in your home.
(Joshua 1:8).
Communicate freely and positively: Make your communication positive, talk freely and deeply.
Talk as friends and lovers; never abuse, curse or lie.
Think positively about each other: Either your spouse is there or, never thinks or talks negatively about him/her be positive in your mind and your word about your spouse.
(Philippians 4:8) 6.
Touch Positively: Hug each other, touch on the back, and massage each other.
Celebrate your spouse: Be excited about each other; let your mate feel loved and welcomed.
(Hebrew 10:24) 8.
Regard and respect each other: Treat your spouse as that special person he/she is, let him/her feel honored.
Treat each other as kings and Queens.
(Ephesians 5:33).
Pray together: Praying together will knit your heart together and join you with divinity, pray with your spouse.
Provide adequately: Provide adequately for your family as long as it is within your power to do so, never allow your family to suffer.
Give gifts: Everybody love gift, somebody should give it.
Tickle your spouse with gift, no matter how small it is, your husband will appreciate gift as small as belt, shoes, pants, tie, shirts, trouser, etc while no wife can ignore gifts like bags, scarf, blouse, handset, panties, bra, shoes, cloth, car, etc.
don't wait till Christmas or birthday give gift now.

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