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The Old Must Learn From the Young - Do You Agree?

There has been much debate as to whether the old must learn from the young or the young must learn from the old.
Certainly, the times have changed and the older people who have not kept their pace with the changing world have to learn from the young.
But while this is true that the young are far more advanced than the old, in terms of technology and social interaction, it cannot be ignored that the old have paved the way for the young.
Thus, the old possess an invaluable education - experience, which the young still have to learn from the old.
Many people believe that with increasing age, the memory deteriorates and hence, it leads to poor decision making by the old.
However, a study from psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University suggests that older people are far better at making choices and decisions that lead to long-term gain.
This is because young people are naive and hence are more likely to make bad decisions.
They lack the experience and the necessary information required in order to survive in this cut-throat world.
The old, on the other hand, have the knowledge that has been passed on to them by their ancestors.
Therefore, it is more sensible if the young learn from the old because the young are still in the process of learning, and are likely to end up in trouble if they are not guided by the older people.
Many people also believe that today, more and more young people are starting early and are gaining success at a younger age than the old could have imagined during their times.
And this is why the old must learn from the young.
However, this is not so because monetary success is not the only criteria for a successful life.
Young people need more than just monetary success, including happier lives.
Also, behind the success of the young is an older person.
The old are the ones who motivate and empower the young with their knowledge.
They gain success after they follow the advices of the old.
A study by a psychology professor at the Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan shows that smacked children are more successful in later life.
This was only possible due to the intervention of the old thereby leading the children to be more optimistic about their lives resulting in success.
Some people also argue that the new discoveries being made in all the fields, some of which were previously mythical or non-existent, must be acquired by the old from the young.
According to them research has disproved them, hence the old must learn this in order to improve their understanding as they go along so they can reach out the young in a better way.
However, research has proven some old traditions true and some of the old beliefs do hold truth in them.
Consider the ancient health system for instance.
Research on the traditional medicine has proved that they are very effective in healing muscle pains, provide herbal remedies, and help cleanse the skin, as they are derived from the plants.
These medicines are clinically proven and are helping industries that manufacture skin products.
So, this is the knowledge which was learnt from the old and not from the young.
Therefore, although this is true to some extent that the young have access to far more advanced technology and gadgets, this does not mean that old must learn from the young.
Life revolves around more than just technology and the more practical aspects of life, including education, values and so on, which must be learnt from the old The old have seen the world and it is important for the young to learn lessons from the old in order to avoid history from repeating itself.

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