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How to Prevent and Cure Acne Scars

Acne is not only a physical discomfort but it can be quite disturbing emotionally too; having to avoid social parties and gatherings due to a severe case or perhaps generally becoming shy of meeting new people due to the scars left by old acne.
The group that is mostly affected with the infection in both ways is teenagers.
Although adults and sometimes babies too experience acne; it is not as traumatizing to them as it is for teens.
If teenagers took just a wee bit care about prevention of scars they would save themselves a lot of trauma and guilt that they feel afterwards.
Simple things to keep in mind are:
  • Do not scrub too much.
    This is a common mistake in this age group; in order to clean their face they rub it too much which leads to inflammation and scars.
  • Picking at pimples seems like a favorite activity among teens when they are sitting idle! If only they could control that urge their skin would be a lot cleaner.
  • There are a lot of easy remedies like cutting tomatoes into two halves and rubbing it gently on to the scars or applying lemon juice or honey to prevent scars but it is asking too much of teenagers; perhaps the girls might want to give it a shot but boys will simply scream at the mention of applying anything at this age.
    For adults who are willing to spare some time and energy; home remedies can work wonders and save a lot of money.
  • Drinking water and plenty of fresh fruits and avoiding junk food is something that everybody can do and should do for overall health including skin.
Acne is temporary but some scars can be permanent.
There are cures few of which can be quite expensive and time consuming.
Some techniques of scar removal are:
  • New scars can be removed by applying Vitamin E oil directly onto the affected area.
  • Old scars will have to be removed by the procedure advised by the dermatologists like dermabrasion, laser treatment or through prescribed medication.

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