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How to Paint Over Silicone

    • 1). Pour denatured alcohol onto a rag. Apply enough alcohol to moisten the rag without saturating.

    • 2). Wipe the area of silicone caulk where paint will be applied. Rub the denatured alcohol back and forth to break down the caulk's slick surface.

    • 3). Lightly sand the silicon caulked area with fine-grit sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper back and forth to rough up the caulked area.

    • 4). Paint the caulked area with primer in preparation for painting. Evenly apply the primer with a paintbrush and allow to dry thoroughly.

    • 5). Apply a coat of paint to the primed area and allow to dry. Apply a second coat of paint, if necessary, to the caulked area.

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