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Fun Homemade Things to Make

    Garden Art

    • Homemade stepping stones and glass-block lights are ideal for your garden. To make stepping stones, use homemade molds such as empty ice-cream cartons, milk jugs or pizza boxes. Cut the sides from an ice-cream carton or a milk jug to make a mold with 4-inch-tall walls. Slice the top half off of a pizza carton, and tape the back side with duct tape to enclose the mold. Mix and pour in concrete mix to make a 2-inch-thick stone. Once the concrete starts to get firm, decorate the stone with leftover materials from previous craft projects such as mosaic tiles, glass nuggets and buttons.

      To make a homemade glass-block garden light, purchase a glass craft block and insert string lights inside through the pre-drilled opening. Decorate the glass block with stained-glass paint or by gluing flat-backed glass stones onto the outside prior to inserting the lights.

    Hanging Projects

    • Make mobiles and wind chimes for both inside and outside your home. The construction is the same for both projects; just use weather-resistant materials for outdoor projects and incorporate craft bells or hang the strands closer together for a breeze to create a musical effect. Fishing line is a lightweight choice for creating the hanging strands; tie items onto the line using knots as stoppers when necessary. Also, thread center-drilled beads over the line to create beaded strands. Wind chime and mobile headers can vary from metal craft rings to chunks of driftwood. To attach the strands of fishing line to the header, screw cup hooks in the underside of wood, tie strands around metal rings or drill holes through the header and knot the fishing line at the top.


    • Children and adults enjoy making homemade jewelry. Young children can arrange beads and thread them over satin, leather or elastic cord and secure the ends of the jewelry strand with knots. Older kids and adults may prefer creating more professional-looking jewelry by adding clasps to the end of a necklace or bracelet. One of the many ways to add a clasp to the end of a jewelry strand incorporates jump rings. Open the jump ring, use it to connect the clasp to the last link in a chain, then close the ring. To add a clasp to a beaded strand, tie the beading cord around the end of an eye pin. Slip the largest end of a beading cone over the pin. Make a loop in the pin wire as it exits the cone and attach the clasp to the loop with a jump ring.

    Wall Art

    • Create your own homemade wall art to decorate any room in your home. Wall-art projects range from a decoupaged photo collage to pressed botanical art. Decoupage medium works to attach photos or image cutouts onto an artist's canvas. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue, arrange the photos and press them into place. Cover the photos with several thin layers of the same glue; let the glue dry between layers.

      Make botanical wall art from pressed garden flowers. Regular white craft glue works to attach the flowers to card stock. Place a small amount of glue onto the card stock, and then lay the flowers on top of the glue. After the glue dries, frame the card stock inside a wall frame.

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