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A Good Rule Of Thumb Is Never Rely On Luck In Indian Rummy!

We have several rules of thumb that we follow in life and these stand us in good stead in most things we do. Take the common rule of thumb that forbids us from swimming after a heavy meal. This is based on practical considerations and experience. The same way a game like Indian rummy that is ruled by a certain logic and order of play also has some rules of thumb that make good sense.

One of the main rule of thumb that many players forget while playing the game is about not relying totally on luck while playing this game. We will see why players find this rule of thumb a bit difficult to follow and end up making the mistake of assuming the rummy is speculative game instead of a calculative one.

Beginner's luck: Whether we believe it or not, sometime beginners have a bit of luck while playing. They assume that this is rule rather than the exception

Extraordinarily good cards: Since online rummy is totally run by technology, the chances of tampering are low or nonexistent. But once in a while the cards you may get may be really good and this will lead you to believe that luck is the ruling factor

The definite role of luck: Though rummy is a game of skill, there is an undeniable element of luck in this game. This leads players to believe that luck is the only factor required to win on a consistent basis

Proverbs and cliches: There are many cliches and proverbs that refer to the role of luck in a game of cards. While this may apply to games like poker that are based on luck, this is not completely true for rummy games. But since rummy is also a card game it is assumed that these proverbs and cliches apply to 13 cards rummy too.

Since there are some factors that do indicate that winning at cards is a matter of luck, people assume that this is applicable to rummy games too. However from the above points you can infer that rummy is not a game of pure luck and to win the game you need to have and use some skills.

Here we give a list of skills that are particularly useful in the online game of rummy:

Easy and effortless comprehension

Ability to judge and react on time

Keen observation

Quick decision making

Ability to calculate risk versus gains




It can be concluded that rummy transcends mere luck or mere speculation. In fact, those who believe that luck alone makes them a winner will find themselves disappointed and at a loss. What is more it has become easy enough to learn the skills of rummy since it has moved online.

To get started, all you need to do is register on online rummy site. It is a very simple and quick process that is absolutely free. By browsing through the site, observing others playing and playing a few free games, you can gain the inputs you require. The skills will develop as you keep playing.

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