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Lo Carb Lo-down

In the early seventies a dieting revolution started to take place it was the beginning of the low carbohydrate diet.
Adkins introduced this novel approach to dieting.
In spite of his peers going on about this being an unsafe fad diet, he continued to preach the lo carb lifestyle.
Well now more than 30 years have past and the lo carb lifestyle is still strong.
The popularity of this diet and many spin off versions are more popular than ever.
There is a simple explanation for the longevity of this so called fad diet.
In a nutshell, it works.
Lo carb diets encourage very limited intake of carbohydrates, with higher intakes of both protein and fats.
Carbs from products such as sugar, bread and pasta are strictly off limits.
These are simple carbs.
Any carbs that you do take in should be complex, such as the type that is found in vegetables.
Ihave lost 80 pounds on a lo carb diet, during this time I have experimented with various changes to the meal plan.
For the most effective results you need to limit the intake of fat.
You should plan your meals to consist of fish, chicken or shell fish at least 50% of the time.
When I made this change I noticed a significant improvement in the success.
On a lo carb diet you will hit plateaus, to break these you should go off the diet completely for a weekend.
Restart the diet immediately the following Monday.
I also have first hand knowledge of how bored you can get with this routine.
As your boredom raises, your will power dwindles.

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