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Reptile or Snake Enclosure Cage Building Instructions

    • 1). Drill two rows of vent holes, five holes to a row, along the long side of the tub using the electric drill and small twist bit. The bottom row should be two inches from the bottom of the bin. The next row should be two inches above the first. Peel off any loose pieces or scraps left sticking to the holes and discard.

    • 2). Place the undertank heater to the underside of the tub on one end. Tape the heater in place with a strip of duct tape on each side. This will provide the desired temperature for a basking spot for the reptile.

    • 3). Drill two, small, side-by-side holes between two of the top row vent holes on the side of the tub opposite the heater. Use the zip ties to secure the thermometer/hygrometer unit through these small holes. Thread the remote probe cord out the nearest vent hole and run it along the outside of the tub toward the heater. Thread the remote probe back into the tub near the heater via the closest vent hole. Bind up the excess cord outside the tub with a twist tie. Secure the remote probe to the tub just above the undertank heater with the adhesive on the back.

    • 4). Fill the bottom of the tub with one to two inches of substrate. Fill the water bowl, and place it in tub in the end opposite the heater. Place the cup on its side and bury it a little in the substrate. Add plants for decoration.

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