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Forms for Drawing Up a Will

    Rocket Lawyer

    • Rocket Lawyer offers a free last will and testament form. A step-by-step interview starts the process to personalize the will. The person making the will then uses an e-signature process to sign the document. Consultation is available with attorneys. Rocket Lawyer recommends that in the event of a large or complicated estate, this will can be used as the basis for working with a lawyer on the creation of a more complex document.

    Legacy Writer

    • The Legacy Writer site allows users to create a custom-tailored document with no waiting. After completing the document, a user can print out the document on a home printer or request that the Legacy Writer print it on bond paper and ship it. Price packages are available for a will alone and for various combinations of documents including power of attorney, living will and estate plan. The latter includes all four documents


    • LegalZoom gathers information for the last will in an online questionnaire, prepares a state-specific document and reviews the document for mistakes. Once the document is complete, LegalZoom prints and mails the will within two business days. Customer care specialists are available to answer questions. Filling out the questionnaire is free, but there is a charge to purchase the document.


    • The LawDepot will is designed for specific regions and is regularly updated to accommodate changes in law. Created by lawyers, LawDepot's will is competitively priced and can be completed in three steps: fill out the questionnaire, review and print the document, then sign and execute the will.


    • PrepareCase charges more for a will than the above sites, but the package also includes a free Living Will and a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. The user first fills out an eligibility questionnaire that explains whether the PrepareCase system is appropriate or whether consultation with a licensed attorney is preferable. If PrepareCase is used, the completed will must be printed and signed. The fee is a one-time charge, and the user can change or modify the information as often as necessary for no extra charge.

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