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An Online Business How To: Connect Facebook With WordPress

Facebook has almost one tenth of our planet populations as users.
And it's promotional services are great for targeting the audience.
Getting exposure inside the Facebook environment is a great way to grow your audience.
But there are limitations:
  • Branding your name or your company
  • Have a personal, distinctive design
  • Implementing features inside Facebook can be a techie task
  • Distributing your content in a newsletter service
  • Unable to reach non Facebook users
Having a link to your Facebook Fan Page has evolved to be the de facto standard for all the big names in the Web.
WordPress is the blog of blogs.
If you buy your domain, and purchase a hosting service, then you can have a Website with the option to install 30.
000 plugins that with provide almost all the functions and features you can ever think of.
But, if you have a both a WordPress blog or Website and a Facebook Fan Page, you will have to manage the content twice.
You solve this double work condition if you integrate the two with WordPress plugins and Facebook apps, so the content you publish on your Fan Page's wall and the pictures you upload in your Facebook albums will render automatically in the WordPress Website.
And having your Website fully integrated with your Facebook Fan Page certainly can boost the reach of your audience.
And what about a Fan Gate? The Fan Gate is a setup that invites Facebook visitors to like the Fan Page in order to be able to access the hidden content inside.
This is a great system to gain fans, especially when combined with the Facebook advertising system.
But again, if you only use your Fan Page for promotion, you will be limited.
Fans are not the same as subscribers of your newsletter.
Communications with fans are limited to the creation of an event.
But these events do not have the same power and individuality as a sales letter offered by your own Autoresponder system.
And you can't set an Autoresponder inside the Facebook environment.
So, if you need to build up leads for the promotion of your product or service, you will definitively need to setup a Website in order to implement a sequential newsletter service with an Autoresponder.
Facebook is great to promote people, companies, groups, or causes.
It is a system focused on community relations.
And WordPress is the king of blogs.
Combined, they make a powerful system.

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