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How to Catch Garden Snakes

    • 1). Look around during spring and summer, underneath rocks or piles of leaves in areas near bodies of water. Garter snakes are usually out only during these seasons, when they go out to find food and to mate. The best time to find and catch a garter snake is the springtime, when the snakes have just come out of hibernation.

    • 2). Place an open pillowcase or burlap sack near the location of the snake. Chase the snake in the direction of the pillowcase. Garter snakes usually run from predators instead of fighting. Poke the areas around it with a stick and walk toward the snake so it runs away into the pillowcase or sack. Close the pillowcase/sack to trap the snake.

    • 3). Fashion a snake stick to catch the snake. Find a long, thick tree branch. Break and branch so it's approximately six feet long. Use a large knife to carve a "V" shape into the end of the stick, with each of the forks of the "V" no more than one-inch long. Use the "V" part of the stick to pin down garter snakes when you find them and then place them in a pillowcase or sack.

    • 4). Grab the snake, if you can. If the snake stays still and you're able to pick it up, quickly grab it by the very end of its body. If need be, try to wrap the snake's body around your stick so it doesn't wriggle, flail and get free. Place it into the pillowcase or burlap sack, closing it once the snake is inside.

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