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The CSA Calculator - A Very Useful Tool

The Child Support Agency exists to ensure that a child is fully supported by both parents in the event that they separate.
The parents can arrange maintenance payments between themselves and keep it in the family.
This is known as a family-based arrangement and often it is the easiest and quickest way of resolving child maintenance.
This method means there is less paperwork than going through the CSA.
If a family-based arrangement is not feasible for one reason or another, the CSA or courts should become involved.
The Government uses what is known as a CSA calculator to work out an estimate of the amount to be paid.
The court fixes the amount that is expected to be paid for CSA by the parent that doesn't live with the child.
They need to make the payment to the other parent so that they can match the wide range of expenses that comes with rearing a child such as rent, childcare, education and clothes.
The primary purpose of both the Government and the parents is to ensure that the child is raised safely and so therefore, the Government has implemented laws that are there to determine the amount that the non-resident parent should pay in child support.
There are certain payments in addition to those mentioned above that need to be met, no matter what the parent's situation such as food, telephone bills, gas bills, electricity bills and water bills.
Other expenses that can be included are weekly allowances, family holidays, medical costs and extracurricular activities.
Now that we know kind of expenses are expected to be included when taking into account the cost of CSA payments, we should look at other factors that dictate the amount that the non-resident parent will be asked to pay.
These factors include income and location of residency and other, more personal, aspects such as how many children are being provided for.
The CSA calculator is a very useful tool when working out this figure.
The calculator is able to provide a very accurate assessment of the amount that needs to be paid in order for the child or children to be sufficiently supported.
A CSA calculator is designed so that it keeps certain laws in mind.
It also takes into account factors such as monthly income.
The amount used to be set by legal professionals, which was a less accurate version of calculation.
The CSA calculator gives users a more direct answer which is why it is such a readily accepted method today and is regarded as a very important tool.
The Government's CSA calculator is not the only one that exists, however.
There are some, such as the one on CSAhell.
com which are more readily available and accessible to the public.
So, if you need to work out how much CSA you or your ex-spouse are due to pay, visit the website, enter your details and let the CSA calculator work out the figures for you.

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