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GE Fanuc PLC makes life better

Computer Technology has become so ubiquitous over the recent decades that it's almost difficult if not impossible to imagine life without computers.  Everything from your television to computer components used in manufacturing like the GE Fanuc series and parts like IC610MDL180 have all meant that the world will never quite be the same again.  So what can we do to prepare ourselves for the future we can be certain will be rife with a great deal of Computer Technology?  The fact of the matter is that we need to keep ourselves in the loop in regard to computers so we can better understand their role in our lives.  50 years ago almost no one had interaction on a daily basis with computers.  Aside from televisions there was not a great deal of technology that was really necessary in people's lives.  Nowadays you wake up turn on your computer, get into your car that has a computer in it, and drive to your place of work where you will no doubt be sitting in front of computer for 8 hours.  Computers have become so important to our daily lives that it's literally almost unimaginable to understand a life without them.  I find it fascinating to think that kids were growing up now we'll have never known a life without computers.  That in itself is quite difficult to think of but it is in fact the undoubtedly true that children were growing up now we'll never know life that is not in some way reliant upon Computer Technology.  What a difference 50 years can make!

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