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Guide to Choosing a Cocktail Style Wedding Dress

For brides who wish to have a beach wedding or simply a more laid back style of wedding, cocktail style wedding dresses are the ideal option for bridal attire.
Cocktail wedding dresses are quite flexible, and they can easily take a bride from the alter to the local bar for drinks afterwards.
Christian Dior was the first designer to introduce this design staple, and for weddings and other special events are a necessity for modern, femme fatale.
Although it is a bit non-traditional, selecting this particular type of dress shouldn't be a daunting task.
The trick to successfully choosing the right dress is to choose the one that most adequately fits your body type.
For example, a V-neck or square neck cocktail style wedding dress can create the illusion of a more proportionate silhouette for your big day.
On the other hand, women who are not well endowed should opt for a dress with beaded or sequined bodices to draw attention upwards to their bust line.
Cocktail style wedding dresses can also be used to camouflage problematic midsections or by those who are looking to downplay an abundance of curves.
For example, dresses that are constructed from a matte jersey fabric or lightweight silk will flow nicely over a woman's curves.
Women with smaller waistlines can choose styles with full skirt halters or corset style dresses to play up their small waistlines.
You will create the illusion of a smaller waistline and an hourglass figure by choosing cocktail style wedding dresses with a fitted waistline and flared skirt.
In general, most fashion experts are going to recommend that you stay away from cocktail style wedding dresses with puffed sleeves or an abundance of frills.
It will make you look very dated.
You do not want to choose a dress that is going to make you appear juvenile on your big day.
You'll find options constructed from a wide variety of different fabrics, from lightweight silk to rich satin, and the type of fabric that you choose for your dress will be dependent upon the season you are having your wedding in.
Because cocktail style wedding dresses are less formal than traditional bridal gowns, a bride is encouraged to play with color with her cocktail style gown.
For example, instead of choosing a gown that is stark white, she should look for a cocktail dress in an alluring shade of eggshell or champagne.
Jewel tones have also been quite popular for the last several seasons, and they can add an unexpected element of surprise for your wedding guests on your big day.

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