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Lusitano Horse - The Pride of the Portuguese

Lusitano horse Equestrian activities are quite famous in Portugal.
The country has a military and imperial past and is known for its adventures and other related exploratory activities.
People in Portugal have always been admirers of horses and this explains why Portuguese horses are some of the best breeds all over the world.
Adjacent Iberian countries like Spain and others too have been equally active in the equestrian field and have greatly helped in creating new and stronger breeds of horses in this country.
The word Lusitano is said to be derived from Lusitania, the Roman name for regions constituting today's Portugal.
Since time immemorial, the Lusitano horse has been bred in Portugal and has remained a prized possession.
Whether it is because they have a continuous lineage from stronger Roman horses or because of some hybridization long time back is not known, but lusitano horses are hugely popular all over Portugal and rest of the world amongst equestrian enthusiasts and hobbyists.
Because these are very strong, and have been the pride of many conquerors, generations and generations have bred this kind of horses.
Some reports say that even though these horses have been famous and popular for a large part of Portuguese history, the name caught on only after the late 20th century.
The horses have been held in so high esteem that even today, families that breed the type are considered with great honor.
A lot of festivals surrounding horses and most especially lusitano horses have been conducted for a long time now.
Such popularity is hard to witness elsewhere.

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