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Delhi – the Mecca for Food Lovers

Delhi, the capital city of the Republic of India, is also rightfully known as the Heart of India. Not just because of its geographical location but the assimilation of different cultures makes it the heart of a beautiful country called India. Unlike other metropolitan cities in the country such as Mumbai: which has a prominent Marathi culture, Chennai: which has a prominent Tamil culture, Kolkata: which has a prominent Bengali culture, Delhi is a beautiful mix of all these regional cultures. This is the quality of Delhi which makes it head and shoulders above other cities in the country. Delhi is the only country where Bengalis celebrate Durga Pooja with the same enthusiasm with which North Indians celebrate Diwali or South Indians celebrate Pongal. Culture is the main force behind the reason people catch flights to Delhi from different parts of the world.

Delhi's food is the other thing which puts Delhi in a league of its own. From delicious Butter Chicken to Spicy Chat, Delhi has something to offer to every taste. The road side eating joints are no less famous than plushy restaurants when it comes to food. Chat at UPSC, Kulfi at Chandni Chowk, various paranthas at Paranthe wali gali, Shawarma at NFC, these are just few names you can easily call the Meccas for street food lovers. On the other hand Shahi Mutton Korma at Karim's and Kakori Kebbabs at Nizams would slightly feel heavy on your pocket but will definitely have a mesmerizing effect on your taste glands. Delhi is the place where everyone can find a place to eat as per his taste and budget. Developing such a cuisine had taken centuries from Moghal invasion to British rule to the partition of India. Different cultures moved and settled in Delhi along with their traditions, values and cuisines and thanks to these cultures we have delicious Biryani, Kebbabs, Chhole Bhature and other dishes to choose from.

The other trait of the city which makes it quite significant from a historian's point of view is the essence of different cultures present in the city in the form of monuments. Red fort, Qutub Minaar, Old Fort, Tuglakabaad Fort, India Gate etc, they all have different architectures and a different story to tell. There are monuments from the Tughlak rule, Moughal Rule, British Rules and some other rules also which show that the legacy of Delhi goes back to many thousands years back.

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