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A Clear Reading

My heart is consciously bleeding
It is not used to for clear reading
I did not realize where I was heading?
It was for sure heads down leading

I am not at all conservative
Though I failed to be elaborative
As I belonged to native
I could not prove to be suggestive

We both fell victim to circumstances
We couldn't learn anything from past instances
She was completely a shy symbol
I too was new to school and just enrolled

We failed conceivably
It ended miserably
We both longed and stayed apart
It was painful to depart

You are still hanging around
Your memory is still found
The heart chamber still hunts for your presence
It has remained vacant ever after long absence

The ship did not anchor at shore
We did nothing to explore
We left it to pure luck and fate
It slipped out of hand and proved very late

I had feared darkness and backlash
It was just bright spark and flash
It emerged and disappeared
It has still proved havoc as feared

Hearts can't be different from place to places
It certainly leaves some traces
It has long spell of separation
It this stage it should raise no question

Love has proved to be legendary tale
It has never remained or dominated by male
It has been sincerely felt by both the character
The question remained who proved to be good actor

There is no room for any complaint or reservation
It has always been a very good observation
Love may fail or accomplish
it may not end with it or finish

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