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How to Put Up Hurricane Shutters

    Horizontal Placement

    • 1). Put on your safety glasses and gloves. Place a ladder outside your house beneath the window on which you will put up the hurricane shutters. Start with the second-story windows if your house has more than one story.

    • 2). Mark where to locate the bottom panel, which should hang 2 inches beyond any obstructions such as window sills. Drill a hole on one side with a drill and 3/16-inch bit. Secure the shutter on that side with a screw and wrench.

    • 3). Use a level to ensure that the shutter panel is level prior to drilling other holes. Look at the sides of the panels, and determine the number of screw holes it has; there should be two or four holes on each side. Drill enough holes on the house at each side, and fasten the shutter sides to the house with screws and wing nuts.

    • 4). Drills the holes for the next panels, and fasten each one with screws and wing nuts; it is not necessary to check every shutter panel with the level.

    • 5). When the window is completely covered by the shutter panels, tighten the wing nuts on the screws to fasten down the shutters.

    Vertical Placement

    • 1). Lay out the H channel and F channel that come with your hurricane shutters. Drill 1/4-inch holes into the H channel, which is the top mounting bracket, if the holes are not pre-drilled. Use a measuring tape to determine where to place the H channel above the window and the F channel, the lower mounting bracket, below the window. Mark their placements.

    • 2). Attach the F channel to the house with a screw, as close to the middle of the channel as the pre-drilled hole will allow.

    • 3). Check the F panel for levelness, then place additional screws through its pre-drilled holes, working from the center outward. Tighten the screws with wing nuts.

    • 4). Place the shutter panels in the F brackets, securing them with bolts that go through the pre-drilled holes on the panels and the F bracket. Make sure that the panels overlap, and then tighten them with wing nuts.

    • 5). Attach the H channel to the house with a screw, as close to the middle of the channel as the pre-drilled hole will allow. Check the channel with a level, then tighten it with screws and wing nuts, working your way out from the center. Place the tops of the shutter panels into the H channel, checking that they are securely in place.

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