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Use Meta Tags For Better Search Engine Rankings

The search engines have revolutionised the Internet and the way we search for information.
In a way the efficiency of the search engines has been one of the primary reasons for the explosive growth in internet traffic and web pages.
In internet parlance organic traffic refers to traffic which is directed from search engines and this is considered the best form of traffic.
To get such targeted traffic to websites it is necessary for the web page to be optimised for search engines.
So what do we mean by search engine optimisation.
Search engine optimisation or SEO are those techniques which make a web page search engine friendly.
SEO is of two types: On site and Off site.
In this article we will look at few of the on site SEO techniques.
On site optimisation refers to improvements and changes in the website to make it easier for the search engine to index and read its contents.
Here are a few tips on on site optimisation:- · Write a keyword rich article.
By keyword rich we mean an article with keyword placed in the proper places and placed naturally.
Although the exact keyword density is debatable, the ideal density would be 3-4%.
So if your article is 400 words long your keyword should not repeat more than 10 times.
Also ensure to space out the keywords.
For ex.
you should have your keyword in the title, then in the first paragraph and then once in the last paragraph as well.
· Use Meta Tags: Meta Tags are tags which are read by the Google spider, but invisible to the human reader.
These Meta tags allow spiders to decipher the web page and allow proper indexing of the page.
There are three important Meta tags of which one has outlived its utility.
The Important Meta tags one must include includes the Title Tag and the Description Tag.
The Title Tag identifies the web page and is the most important tag.
You must include your keyword in the Title.
The description tag is a short description of the page.
This will be displayed under your web page when the search engine displays your web page.
The keyword tag was of use earlier on, but due to abuse of this tag by unscrupulous webmasters, most search engines including Google disregard this tag.
· One mistake many webmasters do is to just have a flash animation on their website.
Although it may be visually very attractive, this kind of page is most surely likely to be missed by the search engine spider.
Spiders like text and therefore ensure a keyword rich text in your home page or any page you want to rank for.
These are a few techniques of Onsite optimisation.
Stay tuned for more articles on SEO.

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