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Why So Many People Struggle To Lose Weight

There are certain stubborn weight loss mistakes that seem to hinder most overweight people from reaching their weight loss goals.
These are the two most common weight loss mistakes that prevent most overweight people from achieving their goals are: 1-Inability to handle small failures 2-Having a "Monday mindset" Inability to handle small failures When most people inevitably slip up on their weight loss diet and exercise plan, they end up committing even greater errors.
When we start to slip in most other endeavours of our lives, we quickly start to look for means of pulling out of this slipping process, but ironically when we occasionally step out of our diet plan we tend to worsen our the situation; when people fall for the temptation of eating sugary foods, they tend to reason that since they have slipped this once in a day, they might as well totally go off their diet plan and eat whatsoever they want to eat throughout the day.
This often results in people postponing their use of their diet plan to the "following day" or waiting for the next "Monday" to restart their diet plan all over again.
The "Monday" mindset The funny notion of always wanting to start or restart their diet and exercise plans on Mondays is one of the very common reasons why people fail in their slimming pursuits.
People often make these following conclusions when they have this kind of mindset: -They always plan to go to the gym on Monday.
-They plan to start their cardio exercises on Monday.
-They always plan to restart their new diet on Mondays; any time they deviate slightly off their diet, they continue to indulge themselves till the following Monday.
-Once they miss out on few of their workout days, they plan to re-continue their exercises on the following Monday.
As long as you have this wrong mindset, you will keep on harbouring a false belief that you can only correct your inevitable slip ups at the start of the following working week.
So, how can you overcome these common mistakes? You can apply these two tips to avoid these mistakes: Tip 1-Get rid of the refresh idea You must realise that there is really nothing special about Monday; there is nothing about this first day of the working week that makes it easier for you to get your desired results on this day; there is no special reason why you should schedule to do more exercises or stick more to your diet plans on this day.
Monday is just like any other day of the week; just because it happens to be the first day of the working week doesn't mean that it should be the day when you have to start every other thing that you want to do; you can start or restart your program on any day of the week.
You can start off your program on any other day like Thursday which has the particular advantage of motivating you to carry on with your program throughout the weekend which is usually the time when most of us find it hard to focus on our dieting program.
If you slip up on your slimming plans on any day of the week restart your program on that same day and do not wait for the following Monday before you restart your program.
Some fitness experts even recommend that you take time off your exercises on Monday as this day is usually your busiest and longest working day when you find it extra hard to comply with your exercise plan.
Tip 2-Learn to master you failures You have to learn to quickly master your small failures if you are the type that finds it hard to stop cheating on your diet plan occasionally.
If you allow these little mistakes to get to you, you would end up stepping out of your diet plan completely for long periods.
You are not perfect, and just like everyone else, you will slip up from time to time; so, do not beat yourself emotionally when you do slip, because you have not committed an unforgivable sin that will negate all your previous success or stop you from achieving your desired goals.
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