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Decorating Ideas Using Streamers

    Make a table runner with streamers

    • Measure the length of your kitchen or dining room table. Double that length. (Note: If you would like your runner to hang over the edges of your table, add a foot to each side when measuring.) Decide which color streamers you would like your table runner to be. Once you have decided, cut the streamers to the same length as the table. Usually, four or five colors work best for this project. Purchase a roll of clear contact paper. With the backing still on, cut the contact paper with these dimensions: length, the doubled table measurement and width, 2 feet across. For example, if your table measured 44 inches, you would cut the contact paper to 88 inches in length and 2 feet in width.

      Peel off the backing on half of the contact paper, carefully lay down the streamers lengthwise on top of the contact paper. Fold the remaining contact paper, with the backing now peeled off, on top of the streamers. Use a ruler to slide over the finished project to press out any air bubbles that may have occurred. You now have a streamer table runner.

    Decorate a doorway

    • Use streamers to decorate the doorway. You could use this for everyday decorating or save this idea for a special celebration. If you use this idea for a celebration, wait until the person you are celebrating is away or asleep and then attach the streamers. It makes a colorful surprise. For everyday use, you may want to consider metallic streamers, which are more durable. On the top of the door jam, use small tacks to attach the metallic streamers. They should be evenly spaced so that walking though the doorway is still possible. Cut the streamers to fit the height of the doorway plus the width of the molding, so that you are able to secure the streamers with the small tacks.

    Make a window treatment with streamers

    • Metallic streamers will work best for this window treatment since they are more durable than the paper kind. Purchase a curtain rod that will fit your window. Measure strips of streamers to fit the height of the window. It will depend on how big your window is the amount of streamer strips you will need to cut. Punch a hole two inches from the top of the each streamer. Insert a small ribbon, in any color you choose, through the hole and tie it directly to the rod. Keep doing this with each strip of ribbon until you have filled up the pole with streamers. To add an extra special touch, consider adding a double curtain rod; the back rod would have a sheer white curtain and the front rod would have the streamers tied with bows.

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