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What You Should Know About Dealing With Addiction, Part 2

Help Options For Dealing With Addiction Family and friends who help their loved ones deal with addiction may suggest, encourage, or insist upon a variety of help options.
Depending on the type of addiction, one or more of the following approaches towards treatment might be chosen.
For some, a tailored course of action could be implemented because it is not uncommon to see one suffer from more than one addiction.
For example, a sex addict may also abuse alcohol.
Therefore, they may face treatment options for both psychological and physical dependency.
Individual Counseling: A professional counselor will meet for a period of time with an individual battling addiction as one of many support measures.
Since the counselor has experience with mental health issues, they might be able to help the patient understand the problems in their life that leads to their addiction.
Medication: Sometimes an addict will need medication to help wean themselves from their dependencies.
For example, Nicorette helps those addicted to smoking, while Naltrexone aids drug addicts.
Detox: For those fighting a drug or alcohol addiction, a period of time where the drugs are completely removed from their system might be needed.
In a variety of settings, detox may occur in a hospital, specific clinic, or treatment facility.
Inpatient Treatment: Addicts may undergo a structured program through onsite treatment where both individual and groups sessions are used.
The goal of inpatient programs is to assist an individual in becoming addiction-free and equipping them with the ability to return to a normal life within their previous community setting.
Outpatient Treatment: Instead of staying overnight at a facility, treatment is received through individual therapy and group work that requires a patient to come on a regular basis to meet their program expectations.
Self Help Recovery Groups: In every city, there are self-help groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (also known as AA), which offers meetings to help alcoholics stay on the track of sobriety.
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) works with drug addicts, which provide 12-step self-help programs.
There are also self-help groups for any addiction, including for sex and food.

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