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The available historical record suggests the antiquity of earrings.
In the 16th Century BC in Egypt both men and women of high social order wore them.
The designs have changed from simple ear plugs or rings to the personalized name earrings of today.
Now we have a rich variety of styles for any budget.
Hoop earrings with name plates can be gold or silver, large or small, and so on.
Use your imagination.
These are often highly polished and could be matched with name plate necklaces.
While sterling silver is used in hoop earrings with a name plate, fourteen karat gold is also used in this type of design.
The diameter of these hoops can also vary from one inch to one and half inches or more, while the thickness of personalized jewelry is accordingly less.
There could also be hoop earrings with heart name plates.
The wearer has the option to select from diamond cut to high-polished name plate.
There is also an option for some variation, like a diamond cut body with high-polished name plate.
Ball and Drop earrings in script monograms and Disk Enhancer earrings are also commonly used as name plate earrings.
The end user has the choice of script or block letters for name plate earrings.
However, the most common thing is that almost all customized jewelry use fourteen karat gold or sterling silver.
The size and design of earrings may differ because these are personalized and made as per the order and description of the user.

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