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Intractable Migraine Symptoms

Intractable migraine is a migraine form that focuses on the part of the aura in which visual disturbances predominate.
It isn't a normal migraine.
How do I know I have an intractable migraine? I have no headache and no pain.
Intractable migraine is a migraine form without a headache ( pain ) stage.
It is distorting pictures.
These distortions begin in the image center after which it moves to its side.
Intractable headache can affect one eye at a time.
Pictures might turn grey or wavy, and you may loss you vision temporarily.
Physicians differ in knowing this migraine.
Many of them say it occurs in young adults.
Others believe it is seen as the patient gets older.
Sight loss may be very frightening.
Doctors differ in knowing the symptoms of this migraine.
Some explain the visual aura disturbance without a headache.
Others refer to one side blind spots or the blindness that lasts less than one hour and associated with a headache.
Symptoms of the intractable migraine There are many signs of this migraine such as 1- You might see images as thought hidden behind a shade, when you are looking through the affected eye.
2- You may see everything as though looking through a window with rain streaming! 3- Vision holes - you may might see holes in the field of your vision.
Perhaps you are looking at a flower, and its center is missing.
Or you are watching television, and you might see the screen outside and you couldn't see the center of the image.
There is a blind area in the affected eye and when you close the unaffected eye you will see the portion of the images.

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