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How to Report Spousal Abuse in North Carolina

    • 1). Contact your local North Carolina police department (see Resources). Tell the person answering the phone that you need to report domestic violence.

    • 2). Provide all details of the incident. You may be required to give a brief report of the incident over the phone but a North Carolina police officer will visit you to take a full report and take photos of any injuries you sustained. Do not hide any details of the incident. Your main goal should be to protect yourself and any children you have and not the person who harmed you.

    • 3). Take additional photos and/or video of any injuries you sustained. The police officer will take photos but you should also take additional ones from many angles and views to detail the abuse. If items in your house were destroyed or damaged in the attack, take photos of this as well.

    • 4). Contact a North Carolina domestic abuse shelter or hotline for help dealing with the abuse (see Resources). Shelters are available for you and your children to stay during this time. It is important to remember there is help and you are not alone. The counselors can set up counseling for you and your children at no charge to you.

    • 5). Cooperate with the police. The case cannot be seen in front of a North Carolina judge if you do not proceed with charges against your abuser.

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