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Help Me With My Back Pain Please

Many people are seeking help for back pain these days.
Most estimates are around 80% that you will experience pain in the lower back at some point in your life.
The biggest problem is that people are seeking help from someone else to deal with their own body.
Your discs are out of shape.
Your spine is out of alignment.
Your muscles are imbalanced.
There is no magic pill for back pain that will make all of this go away.
There are no chiropractors who can permanently fix a back that is continually neglected.
The best they can hope for is to more correcting than you do damage if you choose to rely solely on them.
Medical doctors are of absolutely no help in addressing the cause, and therefore the cure, for back pain.
But that doesn't stop them from taking your money with a smile.
And giving it to them does not stop your back pain unless you suffer a wallet imbalance.
So if you have common, non traumatic back or hip pain and you need some help with it, here is the best thing to do.
Get up from your computer right now.
Walk over to the nearest mirror and look into it.
Look into your own eyes and say "Help me with my back pain, please".
I assure you that not only is the person you see qualified to deal with the pain, but you are the only one who can.
It requires effort from you to provide what your body needs to stop the pain.

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