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Arc / Flat Screen 4d Movie Theatre With Motion Chair & Special Effects

Amazing features of 4D Movie Theatres
4D Movie Theater vs. 3D Cinema
Watching a movie in a 3D cinema is amazing. The high definition visual effects are totally incredible, and it is an experience that many will not easily forget. However, when one upgrades from 3D to a 4D movie theatre, the experience becomes indescribable. It is thrilling, it is exciting and it makes the audience experience and feel the scene activity. A 3D movie cinema appeals to the sense of sight because of the high quality visual graphics employed. An amazing 4D movie theatre appeals to the sense of touch as the audience feels the environment of the onscreen scene. To get the complete 4D cinema treat, aspects of 3D are also incorporated. The audience gets both the great visual graphics combined with the special effects of a physical environment.
Great Experience Professional 4D movie theatre
The special effects in 4D Cinema are bound to make the audience excited and thrilled. A professional 4D movie theatre is a great form of entertainment to both children and adults. All movie lovers are sure to enjoy this great treat that technology has made possible. Some professional 4D movie theatres are known to use motion chairs to make the experience very thrilling. There is a great sense of excitement when the audience is suddenly jerked and they feel their seats move, sway, tilt et cetera. All these are experiences that remain truly unforgettable.
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Amazing Features of 4D Cinema
The special features of a 4D cinema apart from the amazing visual graphics include effects aimed at simulating a physical environment as it is happening on the screen in the movie scene. Such features include sprays of water when it rains in the movie, if it is snowy, viewers will experience real snowflakes in the cinema hall, and wind, lightning and thunder are also felt by the audience as it happens on the screen. More effects that are experienced include smoke, air bubbles and even smells. For instance, for a car chase scene, smells of burnt rubber are expelled and the audience is able to experience it as they would if they were a part of the cast. Floral scents for flowers and even gassy smells of animals and insects are commonly used in sync with the screen activity.
Contribution of Chinese Manufacturers
The entertainment industry would not have attained such great heights in technological advancement without the great contribution of both software and hardware manufacturers. Their great inventions and designs have continued to awe people all over the globe, most especially the Chinese manufacturers. Their great work in developing very high quality 4D cinema technologies has been one such great innovation. From the control systems to other equipment used in the 4D movie theatres. Chinese manufacturers of this equipment have made them available to the entertainment industry at affordable costs. Their great work deserves to be applauded. Visit to know about 4D cinema film system offered by reputed China supplier, Guangzhou Shuqee Electronics Technology.
The experience of watching a movie using the current technology has made theatres a favorite spot for many movie lovers. It is an experience that one never tires from. Each movie comes with different effects and this makes it exciting and fun filled. Then again, with such great technology, it is obvious that there are people who tirelessly worked to make it happen. Their great contributions have brought new experiences to all movie lovers.

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