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The Truth About Homemade Acne Treatments

There are as many homemade acne treatments, it seems, as there are people suffering from acne.
Everyone you ask has a solution and if you tried to implement all of that homespun wisdom you'd turn your kitchen into something that looked a lot like a mad scientist's laboratory.
Some homegrown plans make sense and can actually improve your skin condition.
Others are the silly equivalent of an old wives' tale and won't do a thing to eliminate a single pimple.
There are undoubtedly a few made-up acne cures that will actually make you break out more often and more violently.
That doesn't mean you should give up on the idea of successful treating acne with a treatment that wasn't invented by a major pharmaceutical corporation, though.
There are homemade acne treatments that really do work.
The trick is separating the garbage from the rock-solid plans.
I'm an advocate of one proven technique to eliminate acne.
This method is based not only on proper skin care, but also on dealing with internal toxins and irritants that trigger acne.
Thousands of people have utilized the plan and many report amazing improvements in less than a week.
That plan wasn't devised by a laboratory scientist.
It wasn't the brainchild of a drug company's research wing.
It doesn't come in a tube with an eye-catching logo.
It's actually an acne cure that its author invented on his own after some personal research and experience.
In other words, it's a homemade treatment.
You should probably think twice about following every homegrown plan for clear skin.
You won't cure your acne by raiding the refrigerator to create wild organic scrubs and creating your own face-scalding acidic masks probably isn't the wisest idea.
Nonetheless, you shouldn't rule out the idea that a homemade treatment for acne could radically improve your situation.

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