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How to Repair a Sub Zero Freezer

    • 1). Check behind the unit if it does not start to see if the main power cord is unplugged or loose. If it is loose, securely plug the main power cord in. If the freezer still does not start after that, try plugging in the freezer into another socket. The unit needs to plug in to a three-pronged, grounded outlet. If a second outlet is not available, call an electrician to look at the current outlet.

    • 2). Check the main door if the freezer does not start or runs too long. If it is open, even slightly, warm air is getting in to the freezer and impacting the interior temperature. If there is something blocking the freezer door from shutting completely, move it out of the way. Check the bottom of the unit to make sure all four corners are touching the ground. If they are not, the unit is not even on the ground, which can cause the door to open. Reposition the unit so that all four corners touch the ground.

    • 3). Check the freezer's temperature controls if the unit does not start or runs too long. If the unit does not start, try turning the temperature controls to a colder temperature. If the freezer runs too long, try adjusting the controls to a warmer temperature.

    • 4). Clean the condenser if the internal temperature of the freezer is too high. Locate the kickplate at the base of the unit and use a screwdriver to remove the screws in each corner of the kickplate. Remove the kickplate. Take a soft bristle brush and a vacuum hose and use both to remove dust and lint particles that have gathered on the condenser. Once it is clean, put the kickplate back in place and secure it by screwing the screws back in to the four corners.

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