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Motivating Our Kids to Become Organized Is Now Made Easier

Motivating Our Kids to Become Organized is now made easy

Turn the clock back to the 80's and reminisce your school days. You mom would place to do lists with a magnet on the refrigerator, pin a note on your jacket or use the large paper calendar on the wall. Boring!
Kids dreaded dull mundane reminders and forgetfulness was rampant. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past.

Growing up as tech savvy youngsters, the world of apps are at their fingertips. Sad to say, there is an ocean of apps to filter through! An insurmountable amount to choose from and this becomes a harried experience.
As an early childhood teacher and mentor we must first say goodbye to the paper calendar and replace it with a mobile calendar. This should be a visually appealing educational experience simple enough for kids of all ages to use. These apps are perfect vehicles to develop valuable time management skills that they will need for success throughout their lives. The goal is for your child to want to plan their weeks in advance because it is fun and simple. The inviting graphics and characters should be so compelling that the child doesn't realize he is learning essential lifetime skills.
There are many levels of quality and it can be an overwhelming ordeal for the conscientious parent to sort this out alone without assistance.

Fortunately there are numerous educational sites that have educational evaluators and review the app. These are trained educators who spend hours reviewing the apps and publish this on the site.
In most instances more than one evaluator reviews it. When an app is highly recommended you have the opportunity to read the review and make a wise decisions. Some sites have the editors top picks or give away free apps on Friday or sale prices. Another good source is the iTunes Store at Apple.Their editors select from thousands of apps and then bestow upon the one who meets the highest standards the title of "new and noteworthy," or "what's hot,"
Today the standards are more stringent and we strive towards aligning with the common core standards. These standards require logical thinking and higher order reasoning. The encompass the ability to solve problems in a logical manner using a variety of strategies. The child is introduced to educational vocabulary and graphics motivates the child. Voice activation is always a compelling factor and mesmerizes the child. Apps that utilize all our senses stimulate learning. It is challenging to select a worthwhile app and the goal should never be to just occupy the child but rather have a goal or rubric. The apps can be used on various levels and this makes for differentiation of learning. I especially favor apps for young children to have parent be a part of the process. This is a perfect bonding opportunity.
We are fortunate to take advantage of this savvy tech but please investigate the most beneficial apps that meet your child's needs and your standards of excellence that you hold to enable your young ones' needs.

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