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Accessory Trends for 2008

From New York City to Milan, these accessory trends will be prevalent around the world throughout 2008.

Tribal Trend

The biggest global trend for 2008 is tribal fashions. Tribal accessories consist of Native American Indian jewelry, wooden beads, and tribal print bags, shoes and other clothing.More »

Safari Trend

Safari fashions are complemented nicely with accessories such as wide brimmed hats, giraffe print bags, amber necklaces and wooden bangles.More »

Grecian-Inspired Trend

The Grecian-inspired trend begins with gladiator sandals. However, it also carries over into jewelry with Grecian, Roman and Egyptian necklaces.More »

Patchwork Trend

Colorful patchwork is being used to create belts, handbags and even shoes. From soft muted colors to bold brights, patchwork accessories will be present throughout the year.More »

Floral Trend

Throughout spring and summer 2008, the floral trend will flourish. From floral print sandals to big floral hair pins, this flirty, feminine accessory trend will thrive.More »

Painterly Print Trend

Abstract art designs and paint splashes are making their way to fashion. Paint drip pumps, abstract jewelry and artistic print scarves will be trendy throughout 2008.More »

Nautical Trend

Striped handbags and other nautical accessories will grow in popularity beginning in the summer of 2008. Look for nautical charm jewelry, such as anchors, sailboats and even dolphins. Also, check out thesenautical handbags from Rachel Hagan,'s guide to Handbags.More »

Ombré Trend

It's called the ombré trend, dégradé, dip dye and any number of other names. This gradient trend is where an item starts out one color and then slowly fades into much lighter shade. It is very popular in clothing and shoes, but it's also carried over into scarves, handbags, hats and other accessories.More »

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